Communion For The Masses?

Looks like there’s no longer a reason to avoid communion.  The body of Christ is making the rounds and can now be delivered right to your door.
Yep, you read correctly, the helpful folks at Amazon sell boxed communion wafers. Just add blessing and the sacrament’s done.

Wafers, Wafer, Get Your Wafers Here!

Be sure to take a look at the user reviews and ratings on this one.
In further unconsecrated news, USA Today just published a story about Chicago burger joint Kuma’s Corner. As their special burger for October, the “sacrelicious” restaurant is serving up a tasty-perhaps somewhat unholy-treat paying homage to Swedish Metal band Ghost in the form of a burger topped with – yep you guessed it – a communion wafer, and using a red wine reduction.
Body of Christ anyone?

Mmmmm sacrelicious


~ by lechatnoirmon on October 5, 2013.

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