About Obsolete Graffiti

Obsolete Graffiti is freelance writer, coffee obsess-er-aficionado, music lover, singer, student, and all round confused blogger Monique Le Chat.

First things first, you’re not saying it right – the ‘t’ is silent, yes it’s French & for the thousandth time means ‘the cat’.

About 2.5 years ago, Monique left her miserly-paying job in investment banking to co-start a cafe. After many days (and nights) of standing around waiting for customers and some tight-assed marketing strategies, the cafe became popular and successful and she learned that not only could she make coffee – but it was quite often referred to as ‘the best coffee around’.

Learning all things coffee oddly enough allowed Monique to expand into her other loves: writing – Monique co-wrote a feature article for gadget mag T3 in April 2011, promoting other dream believers by playing host to NSBradio’s breakbeat DJs http://www.themshift.com/, & music…

you can see the self-indulgent youtube videos here: Just Friends (Sunny) / Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

here: Powderfinger – My Happiness

and just so she can show off – here: Alicia Keys – How come You Don’t Call Me?

After much ‘soul-searching’, a year of repetitive strain injuries, near mental breakdown, and a stern talking to in front of the mirror, Monique decided to pack her bags (metaphorically) & start all over again (literally).

But what was next? Monique had lost her famous barista abilities & passion.

For now, when she’s not studying, playing music, collecting comic books, playing video games, hitting golf balls, or finding 10 things to do at once, it’s all about the writing.

Welcome to Obsolete Graffiti – where geek chic meets alternative. Anything goes, all the time.

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