Asylum Update, and Senscape Announce New Kickstarter!

There have been several updates since my last post about Asylum, and I had the happy fortune of again being able to chat to Agustin Cordes, creator of renowned point-and-click Horror adventure Scratches and the evil genius behind Asylum.

Firstly, for all of us who have waited with bated breath, it looks as though the game is “graphically complete”, meaning we are closer to Asylum’s  release.

Second, it looks as though Senscape have decided to amalgamate their Dagon engine with Unity to create the Dagonity engine. Now, for anyone who is new to game engines (like me!), Cordes gave it to me in layman’s terms, stating that “the easiest way to see it is to think about cooking: the oven would be the engine and the cake would be the game.”

Cordes further stated that “the engine is just a combination of tools that allows the programmer to focus exclusively on the game content. Of course, each engine is tailored for specific types of games; in our case, Dagon is better tailored for adventure games.” So, the combination of Dagon and Unity will allow Senscape to create Asylum without graphic compromise.

Senscape have also recently announced a Kickstarter campaign for their classically themed Horror, H.P. Lovecraft: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. This too will no doubt be a fantastic game, and the reward tiers announced so far are hard to resist. Obsolete Graffiti wishes Agustin the best of luck!

In the meantime, take a look at just one of the samples of graphics to be coming out of Asylum.


~ by lechatnoirmon on October 12, 2014.

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