Graphic Novel Review – The List

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If you’re looking for something to read before you go to sleep tonight, do not pick up The List. This is not a bedtime story, it is not a fun, lighthearted adventure into the superhero and villain antics that you might be used to.

If you’re after a graphic novel that will make your stomach turn, your blood boil, and your psyche rage at the very beliefs you once held dear, then this is the graphic novel you were looking for.

Imagined by writer Paul Bedford, and etched out with the help of Henry Pop and Tom Bonin, The List may be minimal in dialogue, but what isn’t said in speech bubbles is conveyed much more poignantly. 


Bedford delves into the darker reaches of himself to bring forth a startling revelation. What we hold to be the absolute core of our belief system, might very well consist of the most horrifying lies. This book is a truly evisceral and cathartic experience that is at the same time almost traumatic in its confrontation of religion and self.
The List has been critically acclaimed since it’s April 2012 release, and with good reason. This psychological religious horror is an exploration of pain, death, and having the world as you know pulled out from underneath your feet.
A revelation that is unlike anything else you’ll read, and a MUST HAVE for any true lover of graphic novels.
The List is available online via the following stores:

SF Media On Strike

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In response to unpaid invoices, SF Media Owner/Editor Robyn Morrison has taken a stand to music industry “professionals” who have failed to pay SF Media for their services, and decided that until the situation is rectified selected paid services will be unavailable.

According to Morrison’s statement on the SF Media website, “Upon further investigation amongst the local bands – some of them signed bands – I discovered that they are not being paid either for shows they’ve performed.  This seems to be an ongoing trend.”

Now I have no idea who Morrison and SF Media refer to. But this definitely isn’t the first I’ve heard about these occurrences. It is certain though that there are many bands and music industry workers out there who agree with her, and will no doubt appreciate and admire her stance on this.

I will say this: if SF Media, a reputable online magazine, is taking a stand, hopefully it encourages others to do the same.

Morrison’s words are better than mine, so you can read them here:

SF Media Is On Strike

Untitled Part 5

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Navel lint. It’s a funny thing. Sometimes you’ll poke away at that shit for hours, kind of like a lot of pseudo-writers these days.

You all know the ones…

Bored, hipster, navel lint pokers. You know the ones: overly bed head hair, malnourished looking – not because they can’t afford food, but because they’d much rather spend the money that they “earn” from looking forlorn at their local record store one day a week on seeing some Indie hipster who is the mirror image of them on stage at Scissors, or Step, or Junkett, or Fabesque or whatever the shit the new hangout is, and the smart phone or tablet that they’ll no doubt be shoving in your face to record said concert instead of watching said fucking concert.

There will be Instagram pics, and Facebook check-ins, and a selfie in front of your fucking face – with the flash on – and some poor bastard squint/scowling in the background (you of course).

Then they’ll go home and express how utterly meaningless the world is on their blogs. Kind of like what I’m doing now – minus the waif-like disdain and “selfies”.

Rinse and repeat fuckers.

Untitled Part F*&^

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Everybody has choices. We all have choices about how we treat people. Especially how we treat people who have nothing to do with our shit.

Bad day, bad moment, bad smell, bad phone call. Whatever. We all have choices. Make the choice, deal with the consequences. If you’re nice, expect a smile – in fact, don’t expect, just be nice. You don’t know what the alternative to the smile’s going to be if you’re not. You may be having a bad day, the person you’re being an asshole to might be at the end of their string of bad months and they’ve had enough. Be nice, it costs nothing. If you’d like a more self-serving reason: it might even make you feel better.

Most importantly, don’t go blaming other people for your choices. You didn’t have to make them, and if you didn’t like it, then I guess you chose poorly. It’s not the problem or fault of the poor asshole you then go scream at.

Let’s put in a mathematical/scientific process format for all you geeks out there:

Person A makes a choice that’s great for person B, but unbeknownst to person B, it sucks balls for person A. Person A didn’t mention this to person B, person A nodded and smiled like an ape sitting in front of a pile of fucking bananas.

Everything goes wrong, the consequences of that choice hurt person B, but they basically make person A’s life absolute hell.

Person A blames person B, and everyone around person B. Pretty soon no one wants to be around person A.

Person A wonders why.

Person A is an asshole.

Everybody has choices, if you don’t like them, don’t blame the person you did it for, or anybody around them. Because it was your choice and you could’ve always said no.

Untitled Part Four

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Procrastination makes the world go round. It should be on a t-shirt. Procrastination makes the world go round. It’s the quintessential ironic comment. Because it doesn’t does it? If anything procrastination makes the human race inefficient slugs. Why slugs instead of snails? Because we were so busy procrastinating we didn’t have time to find shells. And so we live. Unhappy, and unprotected. Because we were all too damn lazy fiddling with our own navel lint to find a fucking shell.

Simple things like communication aren’t simple. You can talk til your heart’s content or your blue in the face, and it wouldn’t matter because no one was listening. You could be an active listener with no one to talk to. Which one of you is the fool? Neither.

In my opinion (imo), if you see yourself as either of the above two parties, try and find the corresponding person (ie: if you’re the listener, find the one talking) and communicate. Leave the procrastinating inactive non-listening silent parties to their own devices. It’s not worth the headache.

In short, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Find another horse.

Untitled Part Troix

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Is it just me or has Hollywood completely lost touch with reality so much so that reality has now begun to lose touch with itself? I’m pretty sure that the general grasp of reality – on Hollywood’s part anyway – has been pretty tenuous at best. But it seems that we’ve lost our traction on the slippery Zambonified ice sheet of what is real, what could be, and what is most obviously fantastical at best.

Yes movies and TV shows are about escaping into a fantasy world, yes they are fictional. But the crossover of (scripted) reality TV has blurred the lines more than a bit. Teenagers and supposed adults alike believe that its ok to act like the “real” housewives of the OC and the like, or model themselves on the human enemas that make their skid-mark on Jersey Shore.

The human excrement that is so frequently televised and passes itself off as “reality” is anything but, and despite the copious amount of people who say that they know it’s all fake, I’m seeing even more people being literally thrown out of fast-food restaurants into the middle of the street, teenage girls with more make up than the misshapen progeny of a birthday clown and a vegas hooker, and man children who still have no fucking idea how to wear pants.

But I don’t blame TV, I don’t blame the internet-I blame society and our rapidly degenerating sense of self. Let’s all conform to being just like everybody else. But now that its cool to be different and thus everybody’s being “different” lets do that. We’ve taken a proverbial dump on being original and retread every piece of history and fashion and creativity. A woeful Neitzsche would say do not behold the superman-or übermensch-for man gave him no time to succeed, no more than a moment to thrive before destroying his very soul with his own tools.

The superman is dead. Behold the retread.

Asylum Kickstarter Is Here!!

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You may have read my relatively recent interview with Adventure Horror gaming genius Agustin Cordes. If not, you can read it here.

Now, the man behind Scratches, Senscape, and Slightly Deranged (yes, he is) is set to bring us a new Adventure Horror dripping with creepiness and cobwebs: Asylum!!

The best part? It’s on Kickstarter. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve an avid fan of Kickstarter, and this is no exception. Agustin has placed some pretty awesome rewards up for backers such as digital copies of the game and soundtrack, printed inmate record books along with the opportunity to be listed as one of the inmates. For fans like me that love old school boxed copies of games you can a copy signed by Agustin himself! Hell, in one of the tiers you can even be a corpse in the Hanwell morgue!!

Get your asses onto Kickstarter and back the Madcapped Genius’ work now on the Asylum Kickstarter Page.

Not convinced? Watch the trailer:

Watch the Kickstarter video: