Graphic Novel Review – The List

If you’re looking for something to read before you go to sleep tonight, do not pick up The List. This is not a bedtime story, it is not a fun, lighthearted adventure into the superhero and villain antics that you might be used to.

If you’re after a graphic novel that will make your stomach turn, your blood boil, and your psyche rage at the very beliefs you once held dear, then this is the graphic novel you were looking for.

Imagined by writer Paul Bedford, and etched out with the help of Henry Pop and Tom Bonin, The List may be minimal in dialogue, but what isn’t said in speech bubbles is conveyed much more poignantly. 


Bedford delves into the darker reaches of himself to bring forth a startling revelation. What we hold to be the absolute core of our belief system, might very well consist of the most horrifying lies. This book is a truly evisceral and cathartic experience that is at the same time almost traumatic in its confrontation of religion and self.
The List has been critically acclaimed since it’s April 2012 release, and with good reason. This psychological religious horror is an exploration of pain, death, and having the world as you know pulled out from underneath your feet.
A revelation that is unlike anything else you’ll read, and a MUST HAVE for any true lover of graphic novels.
The List is available online via the following stores:

~ by lechatnoirmon on August 28, 2013.

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