SF Media On Strike

In response to unpaid invoices, SF Media Owner/Editor Robyn Morrison has taken a stand to music industry “professionals” who have failed to pay SF Media for their services, and decided that until the situation is rectified selected paid services will be unavailable.

According to Morrison’s statement on the SF Media website, “Upon further investigation amongst the local bands – some of them signed bands – I discovered that they are not being paid either for shows they’ve performed.  This seems to be an ongoing trend.”

Now I have no idea who Morrison and SF Media refer to. But this definitely isn’t the first I’ve heard about these occurrences. It is certain though that there are many bands and music industry workers out there who agree with her, and will no doubt appreciate and admire her stance on this.

I will say this: if SF Media, a reputable online magazine, is taking a stand, hopefully it encourages others to do the same.

Morrison’s words are better than mine, so you can read them here:

SF Media Is On Strike


~ by lechatnoirmon on July 20, 2013.

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