Untitled Part F*&^

Everybody has choices. We all have choices about how we treat people. Especially how we treat people who have nothing to do with our shit.

Bad day, bad moment, bad smell, bad phone call. Whatever. We all have choices. Make the choice, deal with the consequences. If you’re nice, expect a smile – in fact, don’t expect, just be nice. You don’t know what the alternative to the smile’s going to be if you’re not. You may be having a bad day, the person you’re being an asshole to might be at the end of their string of bad months and they’ve had enough. Be nice, it costs nothing. If you’d like a more self-serving reason: it might even make you feel better.

Most importantly, don’t go blaming other people for your choices. You didn’t have to make them, and if you didn’t like it, then I guess you chose poorly. It’s not the problem or fault of the poor asshole you then go scream at.

Let’s put in a mathematical/scientific process format for all you geeks out there:

Person A makes a choice that’s great for person B, but unbeknownst to person B, it sucks balls for person A. Person A didn’t mention this to person B, person A nodded and smiled like an ape sitting in front of a pile of fucking bananas.

Everything goes wrong, the consequences of that choice hurt person B, but they basically make person A’s life absolute hell.

Person A blames person B, and everyone around person B. Pretty soon no one wants to be around person A.

Person A wonders why.

Person A is an asshole.

Everybody has choices, if you don’t like them, don’t blame the person you did it for, or anybody around them. Because it was your choice and you could’ve always said no.


~ by lechatnoirmon on March 21, 2013.

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