Untitled Part Troix

Is it just me or has Hollywood completely lost touch with reality so much so that reality has now begun to lose touch with itself? I’m pretty sure that the general grasp of reality – on Hollywood’s part anyway – has been pretty tenuous at best. But it seems that we’ve lost our traction on the slippery Zambonified ice sheet of what is real, what could be, and what is most obviously fantastical at best.

Yes movies and TV shows are about escaping into a fantasy world, yes they are fictional. But the crossover of (scripted) reality TV has blurred the lines more than a bit. Teenagers and supposed adults alike believe that its ok to act like the “real” housewives of the OC and the like, or model themselves on the human enemas that make their skid-mark on Jersey Shore.

The human excrement that is so frequently televised and passes itself off as “reality” is anything but, and despite the copious amount of people who say that they know it’s all fake, I’m seeing even more people being literally thrown out of fast-food restaurants into the middle of the street, teenage girls with more make up than the misshapen progeny of a birthday clown and a vegas hooker, and man children who still have no fucking idea how to wear pants.

But I don’t blame TV, I don’t blame the internet-I blame society and our rapidly degenerating sense of self. Let’s all conform to being just like everybody else. But now that its cool to be different and thus everybody’s being “different” lets do that. We’ve taken a proverbial dump on being original and retread every piece of history and fashion and creativity. A woeful Neitzsche would say do not behold the superman-or übermensch-for man gave him no time to succeed, no more than a moment to thrive before destroying his very soul with his own tools.

The superman is dead. Behold the retread.


~ by lechatnoirmon on February 10, 2013.

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