Untitled Part Two

I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of blogging – my own I mean, I actually really enjoy other people’s. What I don’t enjoy and think is an absolute travesty to the media industry is the unrestrained access to forums and editorial comment sections on news websites. I love reading the news, I love reading game reviews, I even love reading trashy gossip columns once in a while. What I loathe more than the malevolent scum that builds up slowly on the inside of my bathroom sink pipes when I forget to use Draino is people’s self-absorbed belief that the other (insert world population) people give a shit what they think, and then are upset when they’re criticised because of their obscure world views. You post it, accept that there are (seriously, someone with an approximate world population count) people who will either ridicule the absolute shit out of you, or not give a flying goddamn what you think.

For example, I recently finished playing the Metal Gear series on PS3 and Game Cube. The series is by a guy named Hideo Kojima. I personally think that the four main games I played are absolute masterpieces that transcend the gaming industry and move towards art. This is my opinion. I do not expect you to a) know what the fuck I’m talking about, b) give a shit what I’m talking about, or most importantly c) share my opinion. Insert gaming forums. Those little nuggets of wisdom trolled by 45 year old morbidly obese gentlemen who constantly and consistently spend their days and nights growing paler whilst eating fried chicken in their parents’ basement. As you can see, I’m not a fan.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you do not like the game that has been made by a creator who does not know you, and by a company that does not employ you on that project, but happens to be widely successful – more success than you’ll see outside of Guitar Hero I assure you – no one cares what you think, and if they do, kudos. Congratulations on accusing someone who has nothing to do with you on making a game that isn’t to your exact specifications which – may I remind you – you were not employed to give. Moreover, had the game been tailored to your expert specifications you probably wouldn’t have liked it anyway.


~ by lechatnoirmon on January 29, 2013.

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