Now Playing: Ladyhawke – Anxiety LP

I discovered this little gem of an album while browsing the aisles of JB HiFi one Sunday. I immediately sought out the name of the song and found out it was “Quick and the Dead”. Now, if you’re looking for something that avoids all the hipster crap that’s been rolling around the Indie Rock and New Wave scene of late-get into Ladyhawke.
After several projects such as Two Lane Black Top and Teenager among others, the New Zealand born multi-instrumentalist released her first album under her latest pseudonym in 2009 to rave reviews. The album also scored Ladyhawke a mantle piece full of awards.
Ladyhawke’s second full length studio LP “Anxiety” has drenched her in even more limelight than the first, and with good reason. Her lilting voice can satisfy the toughest of crowds, along with her lyrics that have just the right touch of feminine sentimentality & sensuality without going completely overboard. The album is Indie Rock New Wave mixed with a bit of Madonna (pre-MDNA), and La Roux for good measure. Put simply, this woman knows how to keep a song in your head.
New Zealand’s answer to Florence and the Machine, Ladyhawke has a sexy but powerful voice, catchy tunes, and intelligent lyrics to boot.
Released in May, “Anxiety” is the perfect addition to any Indie Rock collection.

~ by lechatnoirmon on September 28, 2012.

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