Review: The Raven

I have to admit, I didn’t watch the entire movie. Why? Because it was so disgustingly boring that I fell asleep. This cinematic faux pas had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it run at the cinemas before making it’s dismal way into blu-ray and DVD immortality.

As a John Cusack fan, I was sorely disappointed – his acting was too much for this dreary and pointless film. Director James McTeigue was clearly drinking as much as Cusack’s character throughout the filming process, because there cannot be any other explanation for why this movie was so bad.

And what the hell was with all the yelling? I could’ve made a drinking game out of it. Another explanation for the writing.

Why is Edgar Allen Poe’s life a harrowing mystery that involves him hunting a serial killer who draws inspiration from Poe’s works. By the way, thanks a lot Ben Livingstone and Hannah Shakespeare (my ass) for drawing Edgar Allen Poe as a self-indulgent, narcissistic, broke, emotional cripple who wanders into bars quoting his own work and expecting drunkards to give a shit.

Perhaps it was a semi-autobiographical drama hmm?

Not worth a rating, and not worth getting onto my worst movies list.


~ by lechatnoirmon on August 8, 2012.

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