Review: Batman Follies of 1929 @ The Vanguard

Hosted by a dapper and long suffering Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Follies is a 1920s style vaudeville production elegantly brought to the stage by The Vanguard in Newtown. One thing’s for sure, these guys really know how to put on a production!

The audience was snapped to attention by Catwoman’s delightfully naughty ability to tease people into submission. No claws necessary.

Many Gotham City villians made an appearance, but Catomwn was an exceptionally tough act to follow. The show’s true highlights – aside from the feline femme fatale – were the circus acrobatics of Robin, the jazz stylings of a very feisty Penguin, The Riddler’s juggling abilities – giving more than one meaning for the term ‘Hat Trick’, as well as an appearance by the Houdini-like escapism of Batgirl.

The perfect venue for stage performance, The Vanguard also serves food, with a simple, no nonsense menu that in no way lacks variety. The dessert was a ‘Batman Trio’ with flavoured cream, a thick chocolate mousse, with a refreshingly fruity scoop of gelato. Unfortunately, while the food was wonderful, there were a couple of time where the table service didn’t seem to be at its best, waiting nearly 20 minutes for a drink to have to drink it in 5 was definitely not the most pleasant part of my experience, but this was soon overshadowed by the exceptional slight of hand displayed by Two Face during intermission.

Suffice it to say – if you miss it, then you missed out.

Upcoming events at The Vanguard include their continually sold out Star Wars Burlesque, so get your hands on tickets fast!

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