Review: Mnemic: Mnemesis – out June 5th

Mnemic’s forthcoming album Mnemesis leaves no doubt in the minds of fans, these guys really are the best thing out of Denmark since Lars.

I was lucky enough to interview Mircea Eftemie, Mnemic’s lead guitarist on Friday last week. You can find a link to my interview with Mircea at the end of this article.

Just like the very name of their first track, this album transcends their self-imposed genre of future fusion metal. With Guillaume Bideau on vocals, Mircea Eftemie on lead guitar, and a few additions and subtractions along the way, this album raises the bar on the future fusion and industrial metal genres.

This is the fifth studio album from the Danish band that once toured with Fear Factory, Deftones, Machine Head, and of course Metallica – these guys are even touted as one of Metallica’s favourite bands. When you listen to this album, you will see why. Bideau’s symphonic voice fluctuates between strong melodies and banshee like screaming, and attunes itself perfectly to the instrumental line-up’s every move.

A quintessential member of the metal genre, this album has truly separated them from the herd.

View my interview with Mircea Gabriel Eftemie at Kill You Scene.


~ by lechatnoirmon on June 1, 2012.

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