Tex Murphy: Project Fedora. Crowd Funding, The Crazy 888..& Xbox?

Well kids, it looks like there are even more reasons to back the Tex Murphy Kickstarter campaign.

It turns out that Big Finish Games development team Chris Jones and Aaron Conners decided that, should they cross the Kickstater pledge finish line, there’s a possibility of seeing your favourite PI on another platform. That’s right folks, Tex Murphy Project Fedora may be coming to Xbox.

On top of this revelation, straight from the developers themselves, it looks like Jones and Conners have added extra rewards to there campaign based on the ‘Crazy 888’ members.

The original rewards were pretty swish to begin with, items ranging from digital downloads to featuring as an executive producer in the game credits. The new reward tiers have managed to add even more incentives to pledge, with an audiobook version of Aaron Conner’s book ‘The Pandora Directive’ – read by chris Jones, and blooper reels from previous games being just some of the items offered.

For those that don’t know, Tex Murphy is a full motion video adventure game from the 1990s. The point and click adventure game was developed by Chris Jones, and Aaron Conners, with the first instalment, ‘Mean Streets’, released by Access Software in 1989. However, after 4 successful follow ups, the duo were unable to release the sixth instalment due to complications once Access Software – the company that held the rights to the Tex Murphy franchise – was acquired by Microsoft. Access was then sold off, with the buying company eventually shutting down, leaving fans devastated, and Jones and Conners without the rights to their own creation.

Long story short, in 2009 Jones and Conners obtained the rights to Tex, and in March this year a crowdfunding effort for Project Fedora was announced.

Now it’s been a long wait for Tex Murphy fans. Fourteen years to be precise, and despite eight failed attempts to get it off the ground, Chris Jones & Aaron Conners have decided to make one last attempt at giving fans the best Tex Murphy game they can.

As of May 31st, Jones & Connors have another fifteen days to do it, and with just over $317,000 pledged so far, they are getting closer to their goal. Let’s give these guys the Big Finish they deserve.

Learn more about Tex Murphy

Back Project Fedora for anything from $5 upwards!


~ by lechatnoirmon on May 31, 2012.

One Response to “Tex Murphy: Project Fedora. Crowd Funding, The Crazy 888..& Xbox?”

  1. Awesome article! Come on people, let’s bring Tex back to life!

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