Review: Mrs Colin Firth @ Slide on Oxford Street

As I was scanning Twitter a couple of days ago, I noticed a retweet comp appear on my feed. It had been posted by Slide Lounge (@slidelounge) on Oxford Street.

I had been to Slide a few times when it was open as a bar/nightclub, and each night there was definitely enjoyable.

I promptly retweeted, and by the next day I found out that I’d managed to score free tickets to watch one of the cabarets frequently hosted by Slide. A musical by the name of Mrs Colin Firth.

Inspired by Clare McCallum’s London escapades, and possibly a little bit by Bridget Jones’ Diary. Mrs Colin Firth was an absolute delight to watch.

The one woman act, along with her accompaniment in the form of music director Samuel Cottell begins with our heroin wandering through London on her first day in the British capital asking where to get the Richmond bus.

This was a comedy full of diary entries, laughter, heartache, and the flabbergastedness of a first day and subsequent 2 years in another country and McCallum’s persona is refreshingly witty, sweet, and charming. Her wide vocal range is equally so. Singing Gershwin and other classics, she is wonderfully animated, and truly a pleasure to watch.

A magical stage presence, at one point she relives the moment in which she asked Adele the age old question ‘how exactly does one set fire to the rain and watch it burn?’

McCallum regales us with her first day in the UK, through to the potential tribulations of inding the right one. Everything from a 6am walk of shame, to textual diarrhea.

After 8 years developing the act with her musical director, McCallum & Cottell have come up with an absolute cracker of a performance.

If you get the chance to see this lady perform, do it! You will not regret it!

Definitely do not pass up the opportunity to see a show at Slide. Tickets prices vary between shows, but are always well priced. The option of dinner is usually available as well.

Check out what’s on here: Slide Lounge

This is an excellent venue, and an amazing way to utilise the space. Thanks so much Slide, I hope to get to another show soon!


~ by lechatnoirmon on May 27, 2012.

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