Why I Sometimes Loathe the Internet (Warning – Rant Ensuing)

Every so often, a topic comes up on the internet that sparks avid support from fans.

No matter what the topic – it is always great to see people brought together by the greatest invention of modern times.

The internet has allowed many of us to voice our opinions from the comfort of our own homes, offices, and in the past few years, smart phones and other mobile devices.

But where do we draw the line? When does voicing our opinions online become akin to school yard antics. I’m not talking about cyber bullying, or anything so dramatic.

I’m talking about forum flaming. That moment, when an innocent party goes online and decides to express their excitement and support for a topic or idea, on a forum that has been build by people whose intention was to create a sense of community within the faceless masses, only to be met with wholly unnecessary taunting.

Quite frankly, this sort of behaviour – ie: the desperate urge for for forum trolling neaderthals to ‘flame the new guy’ in order to protect their precious, yet miniscule, space on the internet just plain confuses me.


A purely acrimonous use of a medium that was build to allow us to communicate and spread information at a faster rate. Really? Have these basement dwellers sunk so low after the apparently ‘bad’ Mass Effect 3 ending that they now have to resort to taking it out on people who want nothing more than to see their own excitement reflected in the eyes of others?

I’m not going to name forums, or names, because let’s face it – we’ll all been on a forum at one time or another. Ideals in one hand, ego in the other. No matter what the topic, we all have a choice: friendly discussion with the opportunity to learn something new, or absurd antipathy to reason.

I personally have left forums because of people’s mindless habit of forming cliques, to the unnecessary exclusion of others. All I can say is – if you’ve ever been flamed – like any schoolyard antics – you probably didn’t want to be made a party to that particular behaviour anyway. If you are the one doing the flaming, and it fulfills your life, much like productivity fills everybody else’s, then more power to you.

<End Rant>


~ by lechatnoirmon on May 20, 2012.

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