If you haven’t already – get onto Kickstarter & pledge for the development & release of the new Tex Murphy. Rewards for successful pledging range from copies of the game & its predecessors, to becoming named executive producers of the game itself. Get on it now!

Obsolete Graffiti

On its homepage, Kickstarter advises visitors that it is a ‘fundraising platform for creative projects’. If you take a minute as the pop up suggests, you will be lead through a brief explanation of how the platform works, and the benefits backers can potentially receive for helping raise funds.

This isn’t some ‘please give us money that you’ll never see again’ gimmick. This is the real deal. Some of these projects are new, some of them – as is the case with Big Finish production Tex Murphy: Project Fedora – have been delayed for several years due to lack of funds, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere.

Why is this any different than asking for investor backing? On Kickstarter, project creators set a goal amount, and specify a date that they need these funds to be raised by. Backers are then asked to pledge amounts anywhere from $1 upwards. Rewards…

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~ by lechatnoirmon on May 16, 2012.

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