Kickstarting Creativity

On its homepage, Kickstarter advises visitors that it is a ‘fundraising platform for creative projects’. If you take a minute as the pop up suggests, you will be lead through a brief explanation of how the platform works, and the benefits backers can potentially receive for helping raise funds.

This isn’t some ‘please give us money that you’ll never see again’ gimmick. This is the real deal. Some of these projects are new, some of them – as is the case with Big Finish production Tex Murphy: Project Fedora – have been delayed for several years due to lack of funds, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere.

Why is this any different than asking for investor backing? On Kickstarter, project creators set a goal amount, and specify a date that they need these funds to be raised by. Backers are then asked to pledge amounts anywhere from $1 upwards. Rewards in the form of limited edition items or unique experience related to the project are given to those pledging specific amounts set by the project creator. Should the goal amount not get reach by the specified date, no funds are taken from backers. Should the goal be reached, the payoff is that Kickstarters have the potential to get a long awaited project off the ground. On top of this, backers have the rare opportunity to actively participate in a project they believe in, while potentially gaining a second reward for the project’s success.

There are a select few that deem the idea of Kickstarter as a means for independent artists to fund upcoming projects, as somewhat inappropriate. Daniel Brockman of the Boston Phoenix is one of the naysayers, believing that Kickstarter is a too direct link between independent musicians and their fans, allowing musicians to ‘shake the fans upside down for pocket change.’ Read Daniel Brockman’s blog here. Brockman continues to describe artists from the project creator Amanda Palmer, to Jack White & Lady Gaga as ‘shameless hucksters, out for their own wares.’

However, looking at Palmer’s kickstarter page, it seems her only aim is to provide her fans with an album, tour, and book package experience her way, without the big-brother-overbearing eyes of record label execs. Therefore, it makes sense that in order to accomplish this, she has turned to her devoted fan base via Kickstarter.

Find out Who Killed Amanda Palmer, or help Kickstart Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra.

But Kickstarter isn’t just for musicians wanting to give their fans the touring experience they want. The platform also allows for many other project types. In the case of Chris Jones and Aaron Conners, this means finally getting the chance to complete the long awaited sixth instalment of full-motion video adventure series Tex Murphy.

Big Finish Games released the first Tex Murphy game ‘Mean Streets’ in 1989, the FMV was promptly followed up with 4 more instalments, the last of which – ‘Overseer’ – was released in 1998. Now, after fourteen years and eight failed attempts, Jones & Conners have found a platform that has the potential not only to bring their dream to fruition, but also to allow fans who have suffered right along with them to back the release of Project Fedora.

As you can see from the above video, and the Big Finish Games website the Tex Murphy Kickstarter page will open on May 15th, ready for hungry fans to open their wallets and not only give game developers Jones and Conners the opportunity to fulfil a fourteen year dream, but potentially get some great benefits on top of finally seeing the release of their favourite adventure series.

Named as one of the ‘Best Inventions of 2010’, and one of the ‘Best Websites of 2011’ by Time magazine, Kickstarter is this generations way of making their dreams reality, in a world where the majority of people spend their days connected to the internet in one way or another. Really, what is the world without the possibility of dreams?

Want to turn your ideas into reality? Or perhaps back a project that is close to your heart? Kickstart it here!


Big Finish Games

The Boston Phoenix

Adventure Gamers

Amanda Palmer



~ by lechatnoirmon on May 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Kickstarting Creativity”

  1. Great read! Tex Murphy all the way!!!!

  2. I am so excited for a new Tex Murphy game! I think Kickstarter is a great place for independent artists & fans who want to support them.

  3. Kickstarter’s cool, but I hope bad projects don’t sully its name.

    If the Tex Murphy kickstarter fails I’ll be soooo saaaad :’-(

  4. I agree, less than a week to go! Kickstarter has been a boon to the adventure game designers, where conventional doors have been slammed in their faces!

  5. Reblogged this on Obsolete Graffiti and commented:

    If you haven’t already – get onto Kickstarter & pledge for the development & release of the new Tex Murphy. Rewards for successful pledging range from copies of the game & its predecessors, to becoming named executive producers of the game itself. Get on it now!

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