From the Sublime to the Comical…Free Comics Anyone?

Not too recently, a couple of friends got me back into reading comics. Mainly, one of my best friends Billy (you can find his blog here: did this by informing me that DC Comics had rebooted my all time favourite anti hero, Batman in The New 52!.

This lead to me talking to one of Billy’s friends, who let me borrow his copy of the Preacher series. There is no way to describe Preacher other than, it peed like a racehorse taking diuretics all over Batman…and I freaking love Batman. Now, before I get ahead of myself and WAYYYY off topic. Look out for a proper review of both the DC Universe ‘new 52’ reboots, and the Preacher saga in the weeks to come!

Back  to the subject at hand. Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you just answered ‘me’, or found yourself raising your hand in front of your monitor, get the hell off my blog because neither the universe, or I can help you now.

For those of you that continued reading, you may know that Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 5th. 

Each year, comic book sellers worldwide participate in FCBD to encourage comic books and graphic novels as a form of reading for children (as well as pseudo-adults like myself).

This year participating stores such as Kings Comics, as well as various others across Sydney are again opening their doors to comic book lovers.

For noobs (like myself) you can find out more about Free Comic Book Day at the Official Homepage

For a preview of some of the comics available on the day:

Books Kinokuniya

Kings Comics

By the way – if you do see yourself drifting towards the other in store titles – have a look at DC’s new 52, & Preacher – you won’t be sorry!


~ by lechatnoirmon on May 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “From the Sublime to the Comical…Free Comics Anyone?”

  1. erghh Preacher is a crap on a stick!!!

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