FastBREAK: Rage!!

For all of you that read my last post about the Vibewire collaboration with the Powerhouse Museum, you’ll know how highly I recommend everyone getting to this monthly event at least once.

This month’s topic was RAGE, and it was eloquently delivered by the selected speakers. The five rage inducing topics ranged from one Animals Australia senior campaiqner’s determination to ban factory farming and live exports, to Hungry Beast’s Dan Illic’s general disgust of Australian media, and political fumbling with the international tourism industry.

Again Black Star Pastry provided an awesome breakfast, this time with bircher muesli with figs, rice paper rolls, noodles, brownies, and a very delicious pastry I’ve never seen before, along with tea, coffee, and orange juice. For $10, that’s a BARGAIN!!

I won’t regale you with the specifics – I will say it’s always engaging, and never fails to inspire me, regardless of topic.

To conincide with the Sydney Writers Festival the next FastBREAK will be on May 18th. So Book FastBREAK: EPIC! now, it’s guaranteed to be a good one!

If you can’t make it to FastBREAK, or want to get involved with the guys at Vibewire go to:


~ by lechatnoirmon on May 2, 2012.

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